Janet Yelner

Painter, Collage Artist

Artist's Statement

Storytelling; the artist's travelogue portrayed on canvas, breaking boundaries, borders, letting go of…expectations, control, perfection, preciousness, criticism…

Creating art is about me communicating to you...unexplained, suggestive stories. I could be begging a question, or offering a message, a mystery, even to me. The discovery and interpretation comes to you, the viewer, because everyone will have their own personal reaction to a piece. This work is expression of my unique sensibility; my gut instinct; my sanctuary and meditations on life.


Pilgrimage II

36" x 36"

Variations of Dimension

36" x 36"

Coming Into Fall

36" x 36"

So Many Angels

36" x 36"

Angels in the Architecture

36" x 24"

Pilgrimage I

36" x 36"